This test passes if there is a gray rectangle with a numbered list, as described below.
The numbers for the list should be outside the rectangle and all items should render at the same indentation level.
The second and third items in the list should be blue and numbered using roman numerals, CI and C, respectively. All the other items in the list should be black and numbered with decimal numbers corresponding to the item text.
The final numbering of this list should be: 3, CI, C, 2, 1, 10, 11, 12, 13.

  1. List item no. 3
    1. Roman-numbered list item CI
    2. Roman-numbered list item C
  2. List item no. 2
  3. List item no. 1
  1. List item no. 10
  2. List item no. 11
  3. List item no. 12
  4. List item no. 13