Test passes if you see two rectangles, one green and one blue, as described below:
The green rectangle should contain two lists, separated by a small vertical space. The first list should be a numbered list starting with 2 that has 2 items; the second list should be a bullet list with 3 items, the last one being indented and with a different type of bullet.
The blue rectangle should contain a list with items numbered/marked in different ways, as follows. Except where noted, the numbers/markers should be outside the the blue rectangle. The first item should be numbered with the number 1, in decimal. The second item should be bulleted. The third and fourth items should be numbered with 2 and 1 respectively, with roman numerals. Also, the third item should be indented (with the number inside the blue rectangle). The fourth and fifth items should be bulleted, with the fourth item having a different kind of bullet than the second and fifth item.

  1. Numbered list, item 1
  2. Numbered list, item 2
  3. Numbered list, item 3