Test passes if you see two rectangles, one green and one blue, as described below:
The green rectangle should contain three lists, separated by a small vertical space. The first list should be a numbered list starting at 3, with only one item. The second list should be a bulleted list with three items. The third list should be a numbered list with two items, numbered A and C respectively.
The blue rectangle should contain a list with items numbered/marked in a different ways, as follows. As opposed to the green rectangle, the numbers/markings for the list items in the blue rectangle should be outside the rectangle. The first and second items should be numbered with 1 and 2 (decimal). The third and fourth items should be bulleted. The fifth and sixth items should be numbered with B and D respectively.

  1. First numbered list, item 1
  2. First numbered list, item 2
  3. First numbered list, item 3
  1. Second numbered list, item A
  2. Second numbered list, item B
  3. Second numbered list, item C
  4. Second numbered list, item D