This test passes if you see two gray rectangles, as described below.

The first rectangle contains two numbered lists. The first list has three items and is numbered using bold roman numerals, starting at 1 (I). After the first item there's a numbered sublist; it is indented and has four items, numbered using decimal numbers, starting at 1. After the last item in this sublist there's a single item numbered list; the numbering is blue and uses three levels of numbering: roman, decimal and with latin letters, respectively; numbering starts with I.4-a. The second list has two items and uses the same blue, three-level numbering, that starts at I.3-a this time.

The second rectangle contains a two-items numbered list, numbered using decimal numbers. After the first item there's a sublist. The sublist is indented and has blue, three level-numbering: roman, decimal and with latin letters, respectively. Numbering starts with III.1-a.

  1. Part I
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
      1. Section I.3-a
      2. Section I.3-b
    4. Chapter 4
      1. Section I.4-a
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
    1. Chapter 1
      1. Section III.1-a
      2. Section III.1-b
      3. Section III.1-c
      4. Section III.1-d
    2. Chapter 2